Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine!

Christmas is many things to many people. For some it is a source of stress…picking the perfect gift, making the perfect meal, getting it all done and slapping on a bow…. For some folks it is a sad time because it reminds them of deficits–in love, forgiveness, finances or hope. For some people it is a time to gather family and friends and try to put aside the stress and commercialism and remember that Christmas is and was God’s gift to mankind…the birth of Hope, Forgiveness and that Blessed Assurance that come’s with knowing Jesus as your personal savior. If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior you have yet to receive the greatest gift ever offered to the human race. Jesus loves you and wants you to rely on him for every need, every concern that you may have—nothing is to small and nothing is to big for Jesus to handle. To ask the Lord into your heart and to accept his forgiveness is the original Christmas gift!!

Our dossier has been logged in for a full year now. We are praying that God will move across China and through the halls of the CCAA and speed them up!! More importantly, we are praying for Maisy’s well-being and health and safety. Most importantly, please join me in praying for the salvation of her birth mother. I pray that God will send her a Christian friend who will guide her to Him. I cannot imagine her heartache, but I will rejoice in praying for her for the rest of my life and I hope to meet her in Heaven some beautiful day.

This has been a year of growth for my family. The best thing to happen this year happened only a couple of weeks ago….. After watching a re-run of the 1961 Billy Graham Crusade in Chicago my sweet little Abby looked at me, sitting next to her on the sofa, and said “Yes, Jesus in my heart. Help me, Mommy.” I was privileged to lead my daughter in the sinner’s prayer just like my Mama did me (July, 14, 1986). I was able to call both of my parents and share the news with them and Ben called his Grandma to tell her. We are blessed to have family. I experienced so many answers to prayer this year and have benefited greatly from prayers offered up on my behalf. My most fervent prayer for this year is that every person I love and care about will know that Blessed Assurance that comes with knowing Jesus.

Merry Christmas! Jesus is Lord!

Dedicated to my babies–Bobby, Abby and Maisy

Amy 12/21/08

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You’re a slow man, Charlie Brown

My favorite Peanuts character is Rerun. Rerun is a baby and he just rides around on the back of his mom’s bike delivering words (or thoughts) of wisdom. Rerun can go all day and never have his feet hit the ground, but the problem is that his mom frequently crashes the bike into trees and other such stationary objects. I feel like Rerun in this adoption process. The CCAA is pedaling the bike slowly into eternity and I’m along for the ride—hoping to get my baby but not completely convinced that my feet are ever even going to hit the ground. I’m just praying we don’t hit any trees….

We are currently 2 days beyond our 11 month LID anniversary. I’ve had at least one major melt down this month where I completely lost faith that we will ever get Maisy and those days are bad. Referrals are as close to stop as one can be without stopping. Only the hand of God can make a difference now. Without faith I have nothing. I have tried to remind myself of all the women in the Bible who waited and waited for children….Sarah waited for Isaac about 80 years if you figure that she would have started having children at 15…Hannah prayed for a child so fervently that the priest believed she was intoxicated. God later gave her Samuel…Leah had several kids underfoot before Rachael bore even one of her own and there were many others. But I don’t have 80 years to wait so I pray and pray some more. No price is too high. I believe with everything that I am that God has promised us Maisy and I am anticipating the miracle that will bring her home.

The word on the street, or Rumor Queen, is not good. Projections are that folks with late 2007 LIDs will be waiting 5 years or more. Lots of couples are leaving the program and either adopting from another country or giving up entirely. My heart breaks for their loss—because that’s what it is—and anyone who thinks that the decision is easily made or that it doesn’t involve the grieving process is completely deluded. But, Ben and I cannot, and won’t, give up our daughter. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord—and the Lord is saying “Wait.”

I’ve got to swear off the Rumor Queen anyway…she’s bad for my mental health.

November is National Adoption Month. This has been a long year and another Christmas without Maisy…hopefully, 2009. Please pray for Maisy, her birth mother and for our family as we seek God’s will for our lives.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving. I leave you with a little list of the people and things I am thankful for: My relationship with Jesus, Ben, the best husband in the world for me, Bobby–he dances, he’s a marksman, he can do math!, Abby—my boss, my Nurse Nancy and my constant reminder that miracles happen everyday if you can just stop long enough to appreciate them, my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, my Jedi muffins–Aidan, Zachary and Brody, Fairo–the man, the myth, the legend, Meredith—I knew her before she was a supermom, Carol—my friend, intercessor and prayer warrior, Andy–run to the tiger, Roy, my country (I do love being an American), K-Love–my all time favorite radio station—it just makes me happy to drive to work with John and Sherri on the morning show, having groceries in my pantry and two vehicles with gas in them in my driveway, the health of my family, my wicked cool sense of humor, Survivor (although, Jeff does talk too much during the challenges), clean sheets, my new electric blankie, hearing my kids and nephews laugh and knowing they have never been traumatized, Andrew Johnson Elementary and the beautiful, dedicated and amazing people who teach there–Angie, Linda, Andra, Cynthia, Dori, Lisa, Debbie, Nana, Shannon, Miss Simpkins and Nurse Jeri, Special Olympics, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts…and a plethora of other people and things that I could fill volumes with.

Dedicated with hope and anticipation to Margaret Rachael Root…my precious Maisy.

May you experience Christ’s love for you,


Saturday, September 6, 2008

“Yimpics”,”sticks” and Moon Pies…

We are approaching the nine month waiting mark and I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s better than approaching the one month waiting mark, at least!

We have been busy this past month enjoying watching the Olympics from Beijing and cheering on the Americans (okay, and the Chinese) and, by order of Abby, standing up every time we hear the National Anthem. Turns out, Abby is a huge fan of the Olympics. Maybe it is because she is an Olympian herself–I am constantly in the presence of greatness-but it didn’t matter the event, the Roots were watching it. Abby loves the “Yimpics” so much that she skipped Wheel of Fortune (her favorite show) to watch whatever event was on that evening.

The opening ceremony was so awesome. NOTE*** If you are offended by people who make statements that you don’t feel are PC stop reading because I’m fixin’ to offend ya. No country on Earth will ever have a more amazing, culturally representative, beautiful or intense opening ceremony than did the People’s Republic of China. Save your breath London is all I have to say about that. Here is some more offensive stuff–What in the heck is the problem with the rest of the world? Need I remind folks of other Olympics where some less than savory bits of criminality have occurred? How about ATLANTA? Or MUNICH? It is incredibly sad that the men’s volleyball coach lost his father-in-law and that his wife and child were traumatized, but that could have happened anywhere. The incident happened because one man was deranged not because he was Communist or because his nation of origin has a presence in Darfur, Sudan. There are some folks that I care about, deeply, who would have me believe that Jesus is an American and a Republican. Sorry, I’m not buying that anymore than I buy that He is Southern Baptist. I’m pretty tired of folks representing to me their feeling that it somehow reflects on their Christian walk in a negative way if they even enjoyed or appreciated the efforts of China and the people of Beijing to impress the rest of the world with their preparations and presentation of the Olympic games. I may, in a very non-Christian move, slap the next person who uses the term “Godless Chinese” to me. If the people of China don’t know Jesus (and many, many of them do) guess whose job it is to give them the Good News? While I am on a tirade (and I’ve felt this coming for a long time so̷ ;) What is the difference between the Chinese presence in Darfur and the American presence in Iraq or Afghanistan? China sent 300 engineers to aid Peace Keeping Forces in Darfur. My underestanding is that the People’s Republic of China has an economic interest in the oil and gas production of Sudan….for some reason it just sounds familiar to me…. And one more thing–the idiot from Oklahoma City who hung the offensive banner on a public building in Beijing is fortunate he didn’t go to prison–which, in my estimation is where he belongs. Way to embarrass your country, man. Too bad you are from Oklahoma.

While I am on a roll, has anyone else noticed that the commercials played during the Olympics to sell say chicken nuggets, plywood, soft drinks and credit cards featured paraolympians—NONE OF THE PARAOLYMPIC GAMES ARE BEING TELEVISED?? Now that Kids, OFFENDS THE HECK OUT OF ME!!! What is says to me is this–these athletes are visually affective enough to sell crap but not valuable enough to win America’s attention away from really important stuff like CSI reruns or tasteless prime time cartoons. Beijing has altered historical sites, the Olympic village and public service buildings to accomodate the Paraolympians and their coaches and families. I still have problems getting my daughter’s wheelchair around Oklahoma City….

I will now get back to more conservative and family value centered stuff…Last weekend the Roots went to Super Cao Nguyen (our awesome Asian market) to buy ingredients for dumplings and get some pot stickers and lotus buns. The dumplings were really good (as was the other stuff) but you really have to use the Korean balm and the tai bai fen to get the authentic taste! We did and it was awesome. While we were there the kids wanted to get chopsticks so they got 20 pairs. They didn’t want to “run out.” We got checked out and were in the car when Ben and I started talking about the Moon Festival next weekend and where we would get our moon cakes since I don’t know how to make them and want to get the ones with the pretty tops, anyway. Bobby chimes in, “I know where you can get those moon cakes. I see them all the time at Buy For Less for four for a dollar.” Yup, the kidster meant MOON PIES!!! Ben and I laughed our hineys off. Bobby wanted to send a box of moon pies to Snow Wu (our agency president) and the gang at GW to show how involved we are in Chinese Culture. He is so sweet.

When we got home we set to fixing our meal and Abby set the table giving herself a set of chopsticks. Bobby put a fork at her plate too because none of us believed that she would be able to use the chopsticks. We couldn’t have been more wrong. By the time Ben said “Amen” Abby had jabbed a chopstick in her potsticker and was eating it like a kabob. Ben said, why don’t you use your fork, Baby. The reply (infused with disdain for the fork and the suggestion) was “No fork. Sticks.” Abby used her very own “scoop and stab” method to eat her entire meal, including her rice, with the “sticks”.

On the school front–Bobby starts dance class on Monday and Abby starts it soon at her school. She has already started practicing for bowling this fall. Bobby has already written his first speech for speech and debate class and will be delivering it to the entire class on Tuesday. It is very good. I think he takes after his dear ol’ mom… Ben loves teaching at Star Spencer. We plan to watch them play football this fall. Their band is very good, too!

As always, please pray for our little Maisy and her birth mother. I do not want to wait two years to hold her in my arms so please remember us whenever you can.

Love and Peace to all—-Amy

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Looking Forward to Month Number 8

Hmmm….If I were giving birth to Maisy I would be approaching the shining moment–just a little trip on a gurney and some stitches in the old gut instead of months of wondering and a veritable hole in my heart…such is the adoption process. Would I change anything? Pick another country? Just “get over it and be happy?” Absolutely not. Our daughter is in China and in God’s time we will go get her. I just pray that His time is sooner as opposed to later.

On July 17, 2008 we had our 7 month anniversary. At midnight on the 17th I started thinking about month number 8. I am so glad that time only goes one direction. I follow several different blogs and celebrate with the people who bring their beautiful babies home and commiserate with those who are waiting. But, I must say–if I have to read a lot of complaining and “why me” stuff–well, I just don’t read it anymore. I can depress myself. I don’t need any help and I don’t want to depress anyone else. So, let’s hear it for speeding up those wait times just any day now!!!!!!!!!! Go China! Go! And good luck in the Olympics!

Today we worked in the yard after going to church and eating at Freddy’s. Sometimes I dream about those Chicago dogs. They are a concoction of culinary deliciousness!! After porking out on all beef dogs at Freddy’s (little joke) I sat down at the sewing machine and made an adorable boppy cover for Maisy’s already purchased boppy. It’s out of the same fabric I’ve used for other things in her room and has orange piping on it. (Never had done the piping thing before–for all you sewers (people who sew not poopoo pipes) you gotta use the cording foot–which I do not have–so I had to use the zipper foot–just as good I guess). Anyway, got that little sucker made and had to wrestle the dang boppy until I though my blood sugar would get low and I had to eat a snack. The little &$#@@ just would not go in the cover. I could tell it would fit–I just couldn’t get it through the hole. I’ll just tell Ben to do it–I mean gosh, I did make it and all–what kind of dude is he if he can’t get a little ol’ boppy in a cover–and one with nice orange piping at that.

Ben painted the letters in Maisy’s name and we are going to hang them above her window in her room.

My parents are back from Africa. They brought Abby some monkey pictures which I put in an album for her. Every time you ask her the monkeys’ names she says “Yaya” (Grandma) hilarious! I don’t think the kids are ready to go back to school yet. I just want time in general to hurry the heck up.

Love to all and pray for my patience and that God will move in China! Amy

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sixth Month Milestone

As of June 17, 2008 we have been LID for six months!! I do hate waiting, and even more than that I hate hearing about long wait times and/or the possibility of wait times getting even longer. But what I hate the most is hearing people WHINE. Bringing children into the world is not easy–I don’t care how you do it. People have asked me, “Why China, doesn’t it take FOREVER?” First of all–Maisy is Chinese–that’s “why China!” and secondly no, it doesn’t take forever, it takes longer than that. But, I remind myself that these are the same people who see me babyless and ask “Got the baby yet?” Don’t you think that would be on my top ten list of things to be tellin’ folks? This bit of sarcasm is for my super sister who never asks me ignorant questions–”Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, did you want ice in that?” If you know Laura you can imagine her colorful language and countenance as she remembers the source of this brilliant quote. (All of that was free, Kids.) Anyway, we have only waited six months and the Lord is really helping me manage–not to say that some days are not very, very difficult—but all in all, we are moving forward one day at a time towards Gotcha Day with our precious little Maisy. I will not start complaining on this here blog until we have passed the one year LID mark (Dec. 18, 20 8) and not seriously complaining until we pass the 18 month LID mark (June 18, 2009). I know a lot of people have been waiting for a very long time and my heart is with them 100%—I just cannot believe that I am going to have to wait that long. We will surely find out.

Everyone in the family is doing great. Ben and the kids are enjoying their summer break including scout camp, bike riding, playing in the water hose and doing all those Honey Do jobs–What? That’s not fun? Wow, I had no idea that doing the same thing everyday for no pay was not a total party!!! Seriously–laundry? Gotta love it!

I had better turn in–I’m starting to get on my own nerves. Please remember to pray for all of those individuals affected by the recent earthquakes in China as well as for Maisy’s birth mother. I must also send a special congratulations to the Edmison family on the finalization of Tate’s adoption!! Woo Hoo!!! couldn’t happen to a better bunch of folks.

Love to All—Amy

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tales of Easter Muffins

Happy (actual) Easter! We just got home from our wonderful holiday in Lawton with Laura, John and the little muffins. My great sister had a super lunch fixed and had a fairy princess birthday cake for Moi! Admit it–we all have an inner princess. I just like to let mine out more often than most. The kids played in the moon bounce and enjoyed the bubble machine and you couldn’t take two steps in the yard without stepping on several Easter eggs. It was a glorious time all the way around. I got so many special hugs and kisses from Aidan, Zach and Brody…I’m still smiling!

On Saturday Abby, Bobby and I made Easter eggs. We had zippo cracks. I think that’s a record for yours truly. Things got interesting when the eggs were finished. Bobby looks at me and says, “How about we tie dye some stuff?” Sometimes I am fun so I reply, “Okay, like what?” Well, two undershirts, two pairs of underpants, a tee shirt and pair of socks later my son is eyeballing the white shirt currently on my body and says “I see you’re wearing a white shirt.” Unfazed by my refusal to surrender the shirt off my back my son issues this statement: “I know you have white underwear.” Yup, and they still are, thank goodness we ran out of dye.

I think I’m ready to return to work tomorrow. Vacationing is good until you have to clean it up. I got my sewing done (all of which was for the nursery) and did a lot of laundry but working keeps me out of the pool hall and more importantly from obsessing about “wait times” and other things over which I have no control, besides, I’ve missed my co-workers. I’m counting down the days until the 15th of April, when the Places Everyone e-mail comes out telling us the status of our dossier, and the 17th of April which will mark off month number 4 in our wait to bring Maisy home. We are so blessed.

The first day of Spring has come and gone. The days are getting longer and I am reminded of something Meredith said on one of my dark days, “The winter doesn’t last forever. There is always Spring.”

May You be granted that Peace that Passes Understanding. Love to All, Amy

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Easter!!

I have a sneaking suspicion that about two people read this blog, otherwise it’s just me rambling on for my own edification… . Anyway, happy Easter!

I love Easter, mostly because it is a celebration of the Resurrection and the Salvation offered by my Lord and Savior to me and the rest of mankind every single day. Can you imagine Mary Magdalene in the garden weeping; being confronted by the man whom she believed to be the caretaker only to find out who it was when He called her name…Awesome. I am so blessed, a realization I come to over and over again; thankful that His power and blessing are not reliant upon anything over which I can claim control. There is so much power in surrender and my prayer is that God will increase and build my faith and willingness to surrender to Him.

We are not ”Lost in Translation,” (which is a very boring movie) in fact, we are out of Translation and in Pending Review. China is really stepping up its game and many steps are being taken to bring families together as quickly as possible. Our little Maisy will be with us in God’s time and, thankfully, He is not affected by things like Time, Governmental hoo haw or the Olympics!!

I’m on vacation until the 24th and have yet to really “vacation” but the house is clean! I hope to get some sewing done and I’m really looking forward to planting all kinds of flowers and shrubs in my yard. I bought tons of stuff at you should check it out!

Ben and I will be getting our first 2 of 10 required Hague training hours on the 5th of April. Our regional director, Paige, will be presenting the information in Yukon. If you are interested in Chinese adoption check it out at

As of Easter Sunday we will have been in the entire adoption process for one year–it’s actually gone pretty quickly–minus the bawling, squalling, snot-sucking bad days! We have been logged in for a little over three months–3 months and 6 days to be exact (as of Easter Sunday). I really want to get Maisy an Easter bunny. I may not be able to keep myself from doing it. Sometimes I am weak. I offer the baby’s closet as exhibits A-Z (it’s pretty bad.)

I have no other news. Congrats to Meredith on her pending aunthood!

Love to All, Amy

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Learning to wait…

Our regional representative with Great Wall, Paige, told me that most people who want to adopt have thought about it for so long that once they make the committment they’re ready for it to have happened yesterday. We are no different. Waiting is so hard for us–I can just imagine holding Maisy for the first time and it feels as though my heart is going to tear in half. In the midst of all of the anxiety and sometimes, I admit, anger I am determined to learn something. The Lord knows how hard waiting is for me and all the other adoptive parents out there and He has never had His people wait without a purpose. I certainly don’t believe this waiting is punishment, but I do believe it has a purpose. Perhaps it is so I can see the Grace and Mercy in every action that comes out of the will of God. I catch myself frequently acting like Jacob in the Bible–trying to bring about and devise his own blessing only to learn the hard way that blessings come only from the hand of God. So I wait. It is so hard–but I will say it–I am thankful for the wait because I know that it is God’s will and All things really do work for good for those who love the Lord and are the called according to his purpose. Over a year and a half ago I prayed that the Lord would either remove the desire for another child from my heart or open the door for us to adopt. He heard my prayer and Maisy will come in His time and will be the perfect little girl for our family. On one of my very dark days when the waiting was bearing down on me so that it was almost a physical presence I asked my friend Carol to pray for me. Carol is a prayer WARRIOR. She e-mailed me and said, in response to remarks I made about my inability to see the end and how very dark it felt, “Rest in the darkness for He has hidden you in the cleft of the rock and covered you with His hand.” I don’t need to see the end. He sees it and is protecting Maisy with the same hand. What an awesome God I serve.

This month marks one year that we have been in the adoption process. We made our first agency payment on my birthday. So, happy birthday to me!! We have been in the referral stage of our adoption for three months–Yup, I’m waiting but I’m still counting down, Kids! In just a few days I will be the mother of a teenager! I cannot believe it either. Bobby is such a sweetheart and we are very proud of him. There are lots of exciting things happening in my family but I’ll let the responsible parties tell when they are ready. I really, really want to tell though!

Speaking of waiting…sometimes, as parents, we feel like we are the only ones waiting but the kids are waiting too. If you have ever considered adoption and don’t necessarily want a baby consider the following:

Out of the 513,000 children in foster care in the US 114,000 of them are waiting to be adopted.

The average child waits for an adoptive family for more than 3 years. 21% spend 5 years or more waiting for a family (24,395 children).

The average age of children waiting for an adoptive family is 8.5. Approximately 51,000 children are adopted from foster care (18% of the foster care population).

24,407 children reach the age of 18 without ever having a family.

You can access the children available for adoption in Oklahoma at or for children available for adoption nationwide

May you be richly blessed, Amy

statistics taken from the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families Administration on Children for FY 2005

Friday, February 15, 2008

I’m Not Listening to Rumors…LALALALALALALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After last weeks emotional and physical doldrums I am back with a vengeance!! According to my doctor I am amazing, brilliant and going to live forever. I might have exaggerated a little bit–but not much and I’ll leave it to you to figure out where I tweaked the truth!

As everyone knows I have sworn off looking for info. regarding Chinese adoptions and the CCAA wait time from anywhere except our agency, Great Wall China Adoptions. This is hard for me but I’m keeping my vow–UNTIL NOW–AND I WAS TRICKED!!!! Here’s how it happened, Kids… . I love reading blogs (yes, of people I don’t know and will never meet–stay with me here) and so I linked to a link from a link and WHOOPAW–it was the Rumor Queen. Now, I did not intend on clicking into the madness and negativity, but there I was. Did I read it? Only a teeny bit–really just long enough to figure out what it was and then I stopped. OH! that just makes me so mad. How in the cornbread heck does this Rumor Queen person know anything that I don’t know? That’s right–they don’t. I am not buying into the madness. I believe that the wait times are going to get shorter and my advice (in direct opposition to Rumor Queen’s) is that if your heart is leading you to adopt from China then you DO IT!!! I try to remind myself daily that “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” I have a very certain and hopeful faith that my little Maisy is in China. So, HELLOOOOO, gotta go to CHINA to get her!! It will happen in God’s time. Done Deal, Kids!!

Would you believe that there are those, shall we call them JOY SUCKERS, who have asked me why, considering my apparently difficult and burdened existence, I would want to adopt a child? “‘Cause ya know,” previously mentioned JS blabs,”You are diabetic and have a disabled child and blah, blah, blah….” My answer, well no freakin’ kiddin’! I’m also in excellent health, have a wonderful marriage, and apparently have the ability to sort through mountains of stinky negative BS and live to love another day! Nanny, Nanny, Nanny! But seriously, we always wanted more kids and we have the ability and energy to take care of them. And yes, I have noticed that I have a disabled child–It’s hard not to notice the bossiest person on the planet. But, News Flash, I have another child who is not disabled and he takes just as much time, energy and love to form into a decent, moral, happy little human. And exactly what, I ask the previously mentioned Joy Sucker, business is it of yours if Ben and I want to love another child. Exactly–NONE!! Ya see, Kids, it’s like this–There is nothing wrong with a strong network of siblings to love and support one another and to rely upon as adults. (Sure, Laura and I carry it out like there’s nothing to it and there’s only two of us–but remember–well, we’re us and she runs a small third world country while I fight crime in my new red push up and a Mercury Grand Marquise!) There is also nothing wrong with me wanting to have a different kind of relationship with Maisy then I do with Abby. It is not selfish and I don’t feel guilty. I love all of my children uniquely because of who they are and they are all “my favorite.” So, Joy Sucker, if it makes you mad that I can love another child and that I’m going to live happily to fight crime, conquer stupidity and cross my husband’s eyes with unabashed exotic hotness–I say that’s just tough nuts for you. I’m gonna hitch up my new red braissiere, buckle my seatbelt, turn up the radio and flip off the Devil…My babies need me!

Lots of love to you and yours–I’m feelin’ it today, Kids. Amy

Here’s a funny for ya–My hilarious sister, Laura, said that if you named your kids after things you loved hers would be named Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik. She cracks me up!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Happy Year of the Rat Everybody!! I began this exciting year with a monster stomach flu. From Wednesday afternoon until Sunday at noon is pretty much a drug and dehydration induced blur. I put enough clothes on to go to the doctor on Friday. He promptly gave me 2 big ol’ shots of phenegran and tried to get an iv started. After four attempts everybody gave up. I was too dehydrated and the itty bitty veins just weren’t holding out. The good doctor sent me home with some phenegran lotion and the direction to drink a whole lot more than I was (’cause that was zippo). I felt good enough today (Sunday) to make my radio appearance on KTLR and talk about therapeutic foster care. I hope you caught me…’cause yes, I’m a star!

The stomach flu is bad–I do not recommend it–but, it has caused me to be otherwise occupied while the CCAA is on vacation and nothing is happening in The People’s Republic of China. On Wednesday the 13th everyone goes back to work and I will once again be haunting the GWCA website for any scrap of information. BUT (and this is a huge “but̶ ;) I will no longer be looking for information regarding the waiting time from any other source. I have learned a hard lesson, Kids, and this is it—Don’t be lookin’ for hope and assurance from the world ’cause you’re gonna be nothing but DISAPPOINTED!!! I know that we have to wait on God and place all of our hope in Him and not in the world where it is so easily and painfully dashed. Of course, I’ve preached this sermon to many of you reading this blog. So, let’s say it all together–”Hey, Amy, practice what you preach!”

Actually, I was helped out of my dark place by my friends who are always there: my sister, Laura, my dear friend Meredith and my friend Carol, whose prayers I can feel. I cannot express how precious you all are to me. It is your support and prayers and never failing excitement about all things “Maisy” that keep me from being blue more often than I am. Other people that make me happy are Ben, who has been my nurse (carefully, supervised by my sister), Bobby and Abby (my greatest sources of entertainment and enthusiasm) and Aidan, Zach and Brody–my little muffins–your Aunt Amy loves you and thinks everything you do is hilarious and brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for my thoughts on the Chinese Zodiac. Ben and Abby are rats. And to think–how many times have I called that man a rat–only to find out that he is one!! :) (that is the first blog happy face I’ve ever made–yea, me) Bobby and I are boars. No, not boring–boars as in difficult to get to know but loyal and trustworthy with life long friends–like a boy scout with tusks!! Maisy will most likely be a rat. I’m glad. I wonder if any of this info. is important to the people in the matching room? I do not know.

I am currently quite dizzy–not completely over the stomach flu I think. Gotta go to bed! Happy Year of the RAT. Oh, forgot to mention I am learning Mandarin. Although, I am afraid that with my accent (I know, you can’t hear it when I talk–me either) it might turn out to sound a lot more like “Mandokie.”

Love to you and yours. May you be richly blessed, Amy

Monday, January 21, 2008


I’m not sure where I’m going with this particular post, so here goes… .

I must say (to toot my own proverbial horn), I am an awesome aunt. My nephews, Aidan, Zachary and Brody, collect and love all things MICKEY MOUSE. This love includes all of Mickey’s friends–and therein lies the problem. You see, they had Mickey and Minnie, Goofy and Pluto, Donald and NO DAISY!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right those precious little muffins were living day to day a horrible Daisy Duckless existence. People were horrified–the tragedy of it…well, you can imagine. And then I, Super Aunt Amy, found the elusive (and yet universally identifiable) and oh so feminine, Daisy Duck at (of course) Wal-Mart!!!!!!!! Don’t worry boys, your duck is in the mail!

Here is an interesting thing I learned while reading an adorable childrens’ book entitled Waiting For May by Janet Morgan Stoeke—”Mei-Mei” means “little sister” it is pronounced “May-May” which is one of the nicknames I have imagined our little Maisy having. I bawled all the way through the book by the way. It’s adorable and really speaks to the waiting and waiting and waiting… . I think it is so cute that my nephew Zach calls Mickey Mouse “May Mouse,” maybe we will call his little cousin “Little Sister Mouse!” How cute is that?!

We have recently told several old friends that we are expecting a baby. They automatically stare at my abdomen with a look on their face that says two things…1) Well, Amy we would have never guessed. I mean, you’re not that fat, and 2) Aren’t you a little old? It cracks me up. Actually, in a lot of ways I do feel “pregnant”. The nesting instinct is very strong–heck, I’ve bought baby stuff that I forgot I bought. Also, I do have pregnancy brain. I’m very forgetful and easily distracted. After fixing myself a bowl of soup at work the other day I very purposefully poured my Dr. Pepper into it. Just not thinking… . I cry easily. Can I blame that on the baby?

There are things I want to say that truly come from deep inside my heart but now is just not a moment when I can put these things into words. Please join me in praying for members of the blog community who have recently lost referrals of children they already loved. Also please pray for those that have to wait to meet their little ones in Heaven. Their are children all over the world waiting for families–but they cannot wait forever. Consider adoption. There are all kinds of ways to form families.

For my precious little Maisy, Mommy is coming and I love you forever and always.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Rockin’ the LID!!!

Oh yes, You know it! We got our Log in Date today. It is December 17, 2007. Our dossier is now either being translated into Mandarin or has already been translated and is in Review (now wouldn’t that be something!)!! We will be able to track the progress of our LID group through the process by e-mail. Good thing I’m so incredibly technological.

I am so full of praise for the Lord. We are amazingly and undeservedly blessed. My mind cannot comprehend the majesty that is The Great I Am and yet He wants to have a personal relationship with me. My family continues to witness God’s awesome power; knowing that He holds time in his hand. I have no doubts that we will have our precious darlin’ in God’s perfect time.

Please join me in praying for Maisy and her birth mother, the nation of China (where incredible things are happening for the Lord) and for the thousands of American children who will spend another holiday, another school year, another birthday that they will never get back, without a family.

Blessings to All–Amy