Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Easter!!

I have a sneaking suspicion that about two people read this blog, otherwise it’s just me rambling on for my own edification… . Anyway, happy Easter!

I love Easter, mostly because it is a celebration of the Resurrection and the Salvation offered by my Lord and Savior to me and the rest of mankind every single day. Can you imagine Mary Magdalene in the garden weeping; being confronted by the man whom she believed to be the caretaker only to find out who it was when He called her name…Awesome. I am so blessed, a realization I come to over and over again; thankful that His power and blessing are not reliant upon anything over which I can claim control. There is so much power in surrender and my prayer is that God will increase and build my faith and willingness to surrender to Him.

We are not ”Lost in Translation,” (which is a very boring movie) in fact, we are out of Translation and in Pending Review. China is really stepping up its game and many steps are being taken to bring families together as quickly as possible. Our little Maisy will be with us in God’s time and, thankfully, He is not affected by things like Time, Governmental hoo haw or the Olympics!!

I’m on vacation until the 24th and have yet to really “vacation” but the house is clean! I hope to get some sewing done and I’m really looking forward to planting all kinds of flowers and shrubs in my yard. I bought tons of stuff at www.farmerseed.com you should check it out!

Ben and I will be getting our first 2 of 10 required Hague training hours on the 5th of April. Our regional director, Paige, will be presenting the information in Yukon. If you are interested in Chinese adoption check it out at www.gwca.org.

As of Easter Sunday we will have been in the entire adoption process for one year–it’s actually gone pretty quickly–minus the bawling, squalling, snot-sucking bad days! We have been logged in for a little over three months–3 months and 6 days to be exact (as of Easter Sunday). I really want to get Maisy an Easter bunny. I may not be able to keep myself from doing it. Sometimes I am weak. I offer the baby’s closet as exhibits A-Z (it’s pretty bad.)

I have no other news. Congrats to Meredith on her pending aunthood!

Love to All, Amy

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