Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tales of Easter Muffins

Happy (actual) Easter! We just got home from our wonderful holiday in Lawton with Laura, John and the little muffins. My great sister had a super lunch fixed and had a fairy princess birthday cake for Moi! Admit it–we all have an inner princess. I just like to let mine out more often than most. The kids played in the moon bounce and enjoyed the bubble machine and you couldn’t take two steps in the yard without stepping on several Easter eggs. It was a glorious time all the way around. I got so many special hugs and kisses from Aidan, Zach and Brody…I’m still smiling!

On Saturday Abby, Bobby and I made Easter eggs. We had zippo cracks. I think that’s a record for yours truly. Things got interesting when the eggs were finished. Bobby looks at me and says, “How about we tie dye some stuff?” Sometimes I am fun so I reply, “Okay, like what?” Well, two undershirts, two pairs of underpants, a tee shirt and pair of socks later my son is eyeballing the white shirt currently on my body and says “I see you’re wearing a white shirt.” Unfazed by my refusal to surrender the shirt off my back my son issues this statement: “I know you have white underwear.” Yup, and they still are, thank goodness we ran out of dye.

I think I’m ready to return to work tomorrow. Vacationing is good until you have to clean it up. I got my sewing done (all of which was for the nursery) and did a lot of laundry but working keeps me out of the pool hall and more importantly from obsessing about “wait times” and other things over which I have no control, besides, I’ve missed my co-workers. I’m counting down the days until the 15th of April, when the Places Everyone e-mail comes out telling us the status of our dossier, and the 17th of April which will mark off month number 4 in our wait to bring Maisy home. We are so blessed.

The first day of Spring has come and gone. The days are getting longer and I am reminded of something Meredith said on one of my dark days, “The winter doesn’t last forever. There is always Spring.”

May You be granted that Peace that Passes Understanding. Love to All, Amy

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