Saturday, July 21, 2007

“Nobody gets in to see the wizard, not no way, not no how.”

Not without an appointment anyway! We have received a letter from our regional office of the USCIS saying that they had received our I600A and that we would soon receive our appointments for fingerprinting. We have been warned NOT to attempt to reschedule these appointments otherwise we may get moved to the end of the line. We do not want that to happen! USCIS said that processing time for the I600A is about 60 days. We can see that DTC date from here!!!
We still have not seen any sign of our passports. RATS!
My mom aka, YaYa has said that either I am going to have to quit shopping or we are going to have to build another closet in Maisy’s room. It’s beginning to look like Babies R Us in there.
Well, that’s all the news thats fit to print! Keep praying for us and our precious little Maisy!