Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wal-Mart doesn't have everything...

Nothing has happened.  This post is obligatory---I try to post  once a month----but if anything really exciting had happened all 3 of you would have known by now :-) 
     Last night I was checking my e-mail with Abby looking over my shoulder.  I had ordered a rug from Wal-Mart.Com and had it delivered Site to Store.  So, I get the e-mail that my order is in and I can go pick it up.  I told Abby "Great, my order is in!"  My sweet girl replies, "Yea!  It's a baby!"  If only.  I'm not nearly as excited about that rug, now.
     I've had a serious case of poison ivy since last Sunday.  I always knew I hated nature and didn't want it on me.  It took a shot and oral meds to make it stop, 'cause trust me I was covered in "nature".  Bobby came home from Scout Camp and told me he got gaulded in "The Netherlands."  Oh, holy cow, that kid is funny.  I don't know where I acquired the poison ivy for sure---but, I know it wasn't in "The Netherlands". 
     I'm still loving my job.  It's never the same thing twice. 
Hopefully, we will get our referral for Maisy soon.  Stephanie at Great Wall is watching diligently for our baby girl.  The WC list came out a week or so ago and another one should come out sometime around the first week of August.  Please keep our precious girl in your prayers.  It is hard for me now that I know she is born and living in China without me to hold her.  At times, that knowledge is completely overwhelming.
Remember, way back in a post long ago, (like 2007) when I said that I was going to spend my time waiting for Maisy by reading the Bible through.  Well, I'm not a fast reader, and there are certain books that I read and then re-read because I wanted to and then there were some that (like Leviticus) that I had to force myself to read....Okay, you get the picture.  All that to say, I'm in Ezekiel.  I finished the New Testament a long time ago because I read it first and not in the order of the books.  Jeremiah was long.  And, strangely enough, I enjoyed Lamentations, but I'm just wondering, if I had read faster would I have the baby here?  Maybe, I'll fly through Ezekiel and test that theory. 
     That's pretty much all the news that's fit to print.
Joy Unspeakable to You and Yours,
Bobby, Abby and Maisy's Mama