Saturday, September 6, 2008

“Yimpics”,”sticks” and Moon Pies…

We are approaching the nine month waiting mark and I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s better than approaching the one month waiting mark, at least!

We have been busy this past month enjoying watching the Olympics from Beijing and cheering on the Americans (okay, and the Chinese) and, by order of Abby, standing up every time we hear the National Anthem. Turns out, Abby is a huge fan of the Olympics. Maybe it is because she is an Olympian herself–I am constantly in the presence of greatness-but it didn’t matter the event, the Roots were watching it. Abby loves the “Yimpics” so much that she skipped Wheel of Fortune (her favorite show) to watch whatever event was on that evening.

The opening ceremony was so awesome. NOTE*** If you are offended by people who make statements that you don’t feel are PC stop reading because I’m fixin’ to offend ya. No country on Earth will ever have a more amazing, culturally representative, beautiful or intense opening ceremony than did the People’s Republic of China. Save your breath London is all I have to say about that. Here is some more offensive stuff–What in the heck is the problem with the rest of the world? Need I remind folks of other Olympics where some less than savory bits of criminality have occurred? How about ATLANTA? Or MUNICH? It is incredibly sad that the men’s volleyball coach lost his father-in-law and that his wife and child were traumatized, but that could have happened anywhere. The incident happened because one man was deranged not because he was Communist or because his nation of origin has a presence in Darfur, Sudan. There are some folks that I care about, deeply, who would have me believe that Jesus is an American and a Republican. Sorry, I’m not buying that anymore than I buy that He is Southern Baptist. I’m pretty tired of folks representing to me their feeling that it somehow reflects on their Christian walk in a negative way if they even enjoyed or appreciated the efforts of China and the people of Beijing to impress the rest of the world with their preparations and presentation of the Olympic games. I may, in a very non-Christian move, slap the next person who uses the term “Godless Chinese” to me. If the people of China don’t know Jesus (and many, many of them do) guess whose job it is to give them the Good News? While I am on a tirade (and I’ve felt this coming for a long time so̷ ;) What is the difference between the Chinese presence in Darfur and the American presence in Iraq or Afghanistan? China sent 300 engineers to aid Peace Keeping Forces in Darfur. My underestanding is that the People’s Republic of China has an economic interest in the oil and gas production of Sudan….for some reason it just sounds familiar to me…. And one more thing–the idiot from Oklahoma City who hung the offensive banner on a public building in Beijing is fortunate he didn’t go to prison–which, in my estimation is where he belongs. Way to embarrass your country, man. Too bad you are from Oklahoma.

While I am on a roll, has anyone else noticed that the commercials played during the Olympics to sell say chicken nuggets, plywood, soft drinks and credit cards featured paraolympians—NONE OF THE PARAOLYMPIC GAMES ARE BEING TELEVISED?? Now that Kids, OFFENDS THE HECK OUT OF ME!!! What is says to me is this–these athletes are visually affective enough to sell crap but not valuable enough to win America’s attention away from really important stuff like CSI reruns or tasteless prime time cartoons. Beijing has altered historical sites, the Olympic village and public service buildings to accomodate the Paraolympians and their coaches and families. I still have problems getting my daughter’s wheelchair around Oklahoma City….

I will now get back to more conservative and family value centered stuff…Last weekend the Roots went to Super Cao Nguyen (our awesome Asian market) to buy ingredients for dumplings and get some pot stickers and lotus buns. The dumplings were really good (as was the other stuff) but you really have to use the Korean balm and the tai bai fen to get the authentic taste! We did and it was awesome. While we were there the kids wanted to get chopsticks so they got 20 pairs. They didn’t want to “run out.” We got checked out and were in the car when Ben and I started talking about the Moon Festival next weekend and where we would get our moon cakes since I don’t know how to make them and want to get the ones with the pretty tops, anyway. Bobby chimes in, “I know where you can get those moon cakes. I see them all the time at Buy For Less for four for a dollar.” Yup, the kidster meant MOON PIES!!! Ben and I laughed our hineys off. Bobby wanted to send a box of moon pies to Snow Wu (our agency president) and the gang at GW to show how involved we are in Chinese Culture. He is so sweet.

When we got home we set to fixing our meal and Abby set the table giving herself a set of chopsticks. Bobby put a fork at her plate too because none of us believed that she would be able to use the chopsticks. We couldn’t have been more wrong. By the time Ben said “Amen” Abby had jabbed a chopstick in her potsticker and was eating it like a kabob. Ben said, why don’t you use your fork, Baby. The reply (infused with disdain for the fork and the suggestion) was “No fork. Sticks.” Abby used her very own “scoop and stab” method to eat her entire meal, including her rice, with the “sticks”.

On the school front–Bobby starts dance class on Monday and Abby starts it soon at her school. She has already started practicing for bowling this fall. Bobby has already written his first speech for speech and debate class and will be delivering it to the entire class on Tuesday. It is very good. I think he takes after his dear ol’ mom… Ben loves teaching at Star Spencer. We plan to watch them play football this fall. Their band is very good, too!

As always, please pray for our little Maisy and her birth mother. I do not want to wait two years to hold her in my arms so please remember us whenever you can.

Love and Peace to all—-Amy