Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sixth Month Milestone

As of June 17, 2008 we have been LID for six months!! I do hate waiting, and even more than that I hate hearing about long wait times and/or the possibility of wait times getting even longer. But what I hate the most is hearing people WHINE. Bringing children into the world is not easy–I don’t care how you do it. People have asked me, “Why China, doesn’t it take FOREVER?” First of all–Maisy is Chinese–that’s “why China!” and secondly no, it doesn’t take forever, it takes longer than that. But, I remind myself that these are the same people who see me babyless and ask “Got the baby yet?” Don’t you think that would be on my top ten list of things to be tellin’ folks? This bit of sarcasm is for my super sister who never asks me ignorant questions–”Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, did you want ice in that?” If you know Laura you can imagine her colorful language and countenance as she remembers the source of this brilliant quote. (All of that was free, Kids.) Anyway, we have only waited six months and the Lord is really helping me manage–not to say that some days are not very, very difficult—but all in all, we are moving forward one day at a time towards Gotcha Day with our precious little Maisy. I will not start complaining on this here blog until we have passed the one year LID mark (Dec. 18, 20 8) and not seriously complaining until we pass the 18 month LID mark (June 18, 2009). I know a lot of people have been waiting for a very long time and my heart is with them 100%—I just cannot believe that I am going to have to wait that long. We will surely find out.

Everyone in the family is doing great. Ben and the kids are enjoying their summer break including scout camp, bike riding, playing in the water hose and doing all those Honey Do jobs–What? That’s not fun? Wow, I had no idea that doing the same thing everyday for no pay was not a total party!!! Seriously–laundry? Gotta love it!

I had better turn in–I’m starting to get on my own nerves. Please remember to pray for all of those individuals affected by the recent earthquakes in China as well as for Maisy’s birth mother. I must also send a special congratulations to the Edmison family on the finalization of Tate’s adoption!! Woo Hoo!!! couldn’t happen to a better bunch of folks.

Love to All—Amy

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