Sunday, July 20, 2008

Looking Forward to Month Number 8

Hmmm….If I were giving birth to Maisy I would be approaching the shining moment–just a little trip on a gurney and some stitches in the old gut instead of months of wondering and a veritable hole in my heart…such is the adoption process. Would I change anything? Pick another country? Just “get over it and be happy?” Absolutely not. Our daughter is in China and in God’s time we will go get her. I just pray that His time is sooner as opposed to later.

On July 17, 2008 we had our 7 month anniversary. At midnight on the 17th I started thinking about month number 8. I am so glad that time only goes one direction. I follow several different blogs and celebrate with the people who bring their beautiful babies home and commiserate with those who are waiting. But, I must say–if I have to read a lot of complaining and “why me” stuff–well, I just don’t read it anymore. I can depress myself. I don’t need any help and I don’t want to depress anyone else. So, let’s hear it for speeding up those wait times just any day now!!!!!!!!!! Go China! Go! And good luck in the Olympics!

Today we worked in the yard after going to church and eating at Freddy’s. Sometimes I dream about those Chicago dogs. They are a concoction of culinary deliciousness!! After porking out on all beef dogs at Freddy’s (little joke) I sat down at the sewing machine and made an adorable boppy cover for Maisy’s already purchased boppy. It’s out of the same fabric I’ve used for other things in her room and has orange piping on it. (Never had done the piping thing before–for all you sewers (people who sew not poopoo pipes) you gotta use the cording foot–which I do not have–so I had to use the zipper foot–just as good I guess). Anyway, got that little sucker made and had to wrestle the dang boppy until I though my blood sugar would get low and I had to eat a snack. The little &$#@@ just would not go in the cover. I could tell it would fit–I just couldn’t get it through the hole. I’ll just tell Ben to do it–I mean gosh, I did make it and all–what kind of dude is he if he can’t get a little ol’ boppy in a cover–and one with nice orange piping at that.

Ben painted the letters in Maisy’s name and we are going to hang them above her window in her room.

My parents are back from Africa. They brought Abby some monkey pictures which I put in an album for her. Every time you ask her the monkeys’ names she says “Yaya” (Grandma) hilarious! I don’t think the kids are ready to go back to school yet. I just want time in general to hurry the heck up.

Love to all and pray for my patience and that God will move in China! Amy

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