Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Happy Year of the Rat Everybody!! I began this exciting year with a monster stomach flu. From Wednesday afternoon until Sunday at noon is pretty much a drug and dehydration induced blur. I put enough clothes on to go to the doctor on Friday. He promptly gave me 2 big ol’ shots of phenegran and tried to get an iv started. After four attempts everybody gave up. I was too dehydrated and the itty bitty veins just weren’t holding out. The good doctor sent me home with some phenegran lotion and the direction to drink a whole lot more than I was (’cause that was zippo). I felt good enough today (Sunday) to make my radio appearance on KTLR and talk about therapeutic foster care. I hope you caught me…’cause yes, I’m a star!

The stomach flu is bad–I do not recommend it–but, it has caused me to be otherwise occupied while the CCAA is on vacation and nothing is happening in The People’s Republic of China. On Wednesday the 13th everyone goes back to work and I will once again be haunting the GWCA website for any scrap of information. BUT (and this is a huge “but̶ ;) I will no longer be looking for information regarding the waiting time from any other source. I have learned a hard lesson, Kids, and this is it—Don’t be lookin’ for hope and assurance from the world ’cause you’re gonna be nothing but DISAPPOINTED!!! I know that we have to wait on God and place all of our hope in Him and not in the world where it is so easily and painfully dashed. Of course, I’ve preached this sermon to many of you reading this blog. So, let’s say it all together–”Hey, Amy, practice what you preach!”

Actually, I was helped out of my dark place by my friends who are always there: my sister, Laura, my dear friend Meredith and my friend Carol, whose prayers I can feel. I cannot express how precious you all are to me. It is your support and prayers and never failing excitement about all things “Maisy” that keep me from being blue more often than I am. Other people that make me happy are Ben, who has been my nurse (carefully, supervised by my sister), Bobby and Abby (my greatest sources of entertainment and enthusiasm) and Aidan, Zach and Brody–my little muffins–your Aunt Amy loves you and thinks everything you do is hilarious and brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for my thoughts on the Chinese Zodiac. Ben and Abby are rats. And to think–how many times have I called that man a rat–only to find out that he is one!! :) (that is the first blog happy face I’ve ever made–yea, me) Bobby and I are boars. No, not boring–boars as in difficult to get to know but loyal and trustworthy with life long friends–like a boy scout with tusks!! Maisy will most likely be a rat. I’m glad. I wonder if any of this info. is important to the people in the matching room? I do not know.

I am currently quite dizzy–not completely over the stomach flu I think. Gotta go to bed! Happy Year of the RAT. Oh, forgot to mention I am learning Mandarin. Although, I am afraid that with my accent (I know, you can’t hear it when I talk–me either) it might turn out to sound a lot more like “Mandokie.”

Love to you and yours. May you be richly blessed, Amy

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