Monday, January 21, 2008


I’m not sure where I’m going with this particular post, so here goes… .

I must say (to toot my own proverbial horn), I am an awesome aunt. My nephews, Aidan, Zachary and Brody, collect and love all things MICKEY MOUSE. This love includes all of Mickey’s friends–and therein lies the problem. You see, they had Mickey and Minnie, Goofy and Pluto, Donald and NO DAISY!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right those precious little muffins were living day to day a horrible Daisy Duckless existence. People were horrified–the tragedy of it…well, you can imagine. And then I, Super Aunt Amy, found the elusive (and yet universally identifiable) and oh so feminine, Daisy Duck at (of course) Wal-Mart!!!!!!!! Don’t worry boys, your duck is in the mail!

Here is an interesting thing I learned while reading an adorable childrens’ book entitled Waiting For May by Janet Morgan Stoeke—”Mei-Mei” means “little sister” it is pronounced “May-May” which is one of the nicknames I have imagined our little Maisy having. I bawled all the way through the book by the way. It’s adorable and really speaks to the waiting and waiting and waiting… . I think it is so cute that my nephew Zach calls Mickey Mouse “May Mouse,” maybe we will call his little cousin “Little Sister Mouse!” How cute is that?!

We have recently told several old friends that we are expecting a baby. They automatically stare at my abdomen with a look on their face that says two things…1) Well, Amy we would have never guessed. I mean, you’re not that fat, and 2) Aren’t you a little old? It cracks me up. Actually, in a lot of ways I do feel “pregnant”. The nesting instinct is very strong–heck, I’ve bought baby stuff that I forgot I bought. Also, I do have pregnancy brain. I’m very forgetful and easily distracted. After fixing myself a bowl of soup at work the other day I very purposefully poured my Dr. Pepper into it. Just not thinking… . I cry easily. Can I blame that on the baby?

There are things I want to say that truly come from deep inside my heart but now is just not a moment when I can put these things into words. Please join me in praying for members of the blog community who have recently lost referrals of children they already loved. Also please pray for those that have to wait to meet their little ones in Heaven. Their are children all over the world waiting for families–but they cannot wait forever. Consider adoption. There are all kinds of ways to form families.

For my precious little Maisy, Mommy is coming and I love you forever and always.

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