Saturday, February 28, 2009

Waterboarding Barbie...

I spent the day with my daughter doing everything she wanted to do.  "How is that different from any other day" you may ask.  It isn't.  I would be kidding myself to think or state otherwise.  I value honesty too much to try and hide the truth.  I did learn several things today however.  Allow me to share:
1.) My dad (aka "Papa") has been abducted by aliens.  My mom ("Yaya") probably has been, too.  I know this because in the entire time I have known these too people I have never been able to breathe into their faces the breath of 10,000 rotting possums and say "Will you buy me a Barbie pool?" and have either of them hand me twice the amount of money for toy.  My Barbie (that I had to SHARE with my sister) swam in a plastic puke bin from the hospital and lived in a cardboard box----and she was grateful, dangit.
2.) Barbie pools aren't as fun after 4hrs of non-stop play at 37 as they would have been at say, 29!!
3.) I never got a canopy bed, either.
4.) My husband probably won't get me a canopy bed.
5.) I might be in need of counseling!!
6.) Barbies do not swim naked.  Even if Ken is nowhere to be found all Barbies must wear swim suits.
7.)  It is not easy to find a Barbie swim suit when people are screaming at you and everything is stuck together with tiny bits of velcro.
8.) Not all Barbies have the same bust size.  Sometimes the top just will not go on.
9.) My kid may have some hidden anger.  Her Barbies "played" in the pool like female wrestlers on crack.
10.) You cannot drown a Barbie.  No matter how long you hold her little plastic butt underwater she'll just keep smiling.
11.) Barbie pools can leak enough to soak a new pair of Levis (also purchased by Alien Yaya) and a wheelchair seat---but never run out of enough water to avoid the fun of waterboarding good ol' Barbie.
12.) My kid is funny and lucky to have my parents as grandparents.  I love seeing them together!
In other new---The CCAA referred 4 days worth of referrals this month--actually less than that because two of the four were weekend.  That's 28 days short of 30.  Not good.  Please continue to pray for a speed-up.
Ben and I went to and fell in love.  Go check out some adorable little muffins.  Pray for us as we consider God's will regarding the Waiting Child List and whether that is where our little Maisy may be.
Survivor is back.  I'm an addict.  Right now I'm liking Taj and JT.  Bobby says that I'm a curse.  Usually, as soon as I start cheering someone on---They're voted off.
Bobby is doing very well shooting trap and skeet in 4H.  He should have some competitions coming up soon.
Please continue to pray for Maisy and her birth mother.  Please remember the Christians in China.  They are called upon almost daily to defend their faith.
And know this, if I have told you that I will remember you in prayer---I'm on it. 
With much love.  May you know that PEACE that PASSES UNDERSTANDING.

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