Friday, March 20, 2009

Well, It wasn't "Moms Gone Wild"...

Spring Break is drawing to a close and I figured it was time to update all 3 of you (You know who you are:) ) regarding the latest news around the Root hacienda. 
For starters, far be it from me to relax, or allow anyone else to do so, when there is cleaning to be done!!  I cleaned the inside of the windows and Ben cleaned the outside.  He got a brand new squeegee just for that purpose!  Hey, dudes love tools, I was just being thoughtful!! 
We took the kids to the zoo on the crazy busiest day of the year.  There were more people than animals----and the people were pretty darn amusing.  I saw a lady with no shoes on...just walking along.  I didn't know that was allowed at the zoo.  I love the zoo, but I love it more when I don't have to share it with so many people.  The kids had fun though and the weather was beautiful. 
We worked in the yard.  Ben mowed our delightful crop of weeds and I weeded flower beds and planted some stuff.  I get a real charge from being the first one to find shoots and buds coming up from the ground and, since nobody else gives a rat's hind end about shoots and such, I'm practically electrocuted from all that free excitement. 
We cleaned some more. 
Ben hung the letters spelling Maisy's name on her bedroom wall and we cleaned some more.  Are you noticing a trend?
Today was our home study update and I think everything went just fine.  Most of our paperwork is back (come on state of Oklahoma--you are slower than Kansas and Missouri) and we should have our updated version from our social worker, Earlene, in about three weeks.  Then we mail it and a bunch of other stuff that we've mailed before to USCIS and wait to get refingerprinted (never know when your fingerprints might go bad, expire, suddenly change or, GASP, be stolen along with your library card and that Payday candy bar you think nobody knows is hidden in your sock drawer) and get that free renewal of our I-171H giving us permission to bring an unidentified orphan (or orphink, if you are Popeye) into the good ol' US of A.  Mostly, we just want to get on with it!!
Tomorrow we will go see Yaya and Pa and visit with Laura, John and The Muffins.  I haven't seen the babies since Christmas so I plan to kiss their faces off....
I leave you with these funnies from my kiddos---My friend Andy told me that Bobby called him to sell him Blue and Gold sausage and other products to benefit his BoyScout troop and when Andy chose to buy only one package of sausage Bobby chastised him by saying "Well, you should buy some bacon too because bacon is a Man's Meat!"  I don't know where he got that---just laugh and go on...  A couple of days ago Bobby brought Abby the spade to use in the flower bed and she looked him right in the eye and said "Thank you, Kind Sir."  Kind Sir???  He did just turn 14, but Kind Sir??
Happy Spring and Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory to you and yours,

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Aunt Laura said...

All I can say is the kids in our family say the funniest things. They are smart, wild and very cute!