Tuesday, March 31, 2009

They say "timing" is everything...

Hmmm...I guess this is the month for timing things.  On March 23rd we marked our 2nd year of being in the adoption process.  On the 17th we marked LID month number 15.  I recently went into Maisy's closet to look at her clothes and found stuff I'd forgotten that I purchased.  I really do have good taste!!
A bit of housekeeping before I forget---The site where Ben and I discovered some seriously cutie cutesters is www.thestarfishfosterhome.org I left the "the" out last time I blogged about it.  Go check out the starfish, you'll be glad you did.
I had a birthday on the 23rd and spent it on sick leave with something very, very bad.  The jury is still out on what it was but it must have been the most perverse party favor ever because my entire family got it---all 11 of us.  But, I had a great time before I puked my toenails off my toes.  My mom fixed lunch for everybody including angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries, we flew kites with the kids and got to visit and just have a wonderful time.  My nephew Aidan started playing with the phone so I let him call my home answering machine and just talk.  I kept the message and every time I listen to it I just crack up!!  My family got me some wonderful birthday gifts that I love so much and it was just a beautiful time----until everybody puked!
In case you didn't know this about me I'm a B-Ball fan and have been loving some March Madness.  I do believe the Tar Heels (whom I love because they take their ball playing so dang seriously) are going to win it all----probably against U Conn.  That's my prediction.  I had Kansas and Pitt in the final four along with UNC and U Conn but, to me, Kansas just gave up and Pitt, well, Pitt was just suckin'.  Sorry Pitt fans but Fields, as awesome as the dude is, cannot carry the entire game.  Villanova played some exciting ball and I wish it could be them and UNC in the finals but, unfortunately for 'Nova, UNC is gonna whip them soundly on Saturday.  I'm definately going to watch it!!  Props to Blake Griffin of OU---gotta love him but he's no Tyler Hansbrough of UNC.  Okay, enough of that.
We are still waiting for our homestudy update to be finished so that we can mail it off to USCIS and get our free renewal.  Our agency has opened up to adoptions from Rwanda, Mexico and Ethiopia.  I'm not sure how I feel about that but they didn't ask me so I don't suppose it matters.  I am just ready to hold my baby and not put her down for a very long time.  A little Chinese girl waved at me the other day in front of Super Cao Nguyen and I about cried.  She was so beautiful and had such a sweet smile.  I've been reading horror stories from people who have adopted babies and children from Asian countries about their experiences with rude comments, discrimination and racism.  Seriously, do you believe I won't absolutely paste somebody for hurting my precious daughter's feelings?  There will be no me trying to be diplomatic and educate you about international adoption because, clearly, you need to be slapped.  And if I can't get to you----you'd better watch out for Aunt Laura!  Sometimes I am truly astounded by stupidity and rudeness.  That's why I am very, very, very perturbed with the Girl Scouts of America.  In fact, I'm so mad I cannot even go into detail about it right now.  That's for another post when I'm feeling more mediatoresque than I am at the moment.
Jeremiah 8 verse 7 says "Even the stork in the sky knows her appointed seasons..."  For the record I'd just like to say "Hey, Stork, it's Baby Season.  Get to flyin'!"
Love to you and yours,

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Aunt Laura said...

Let me know if I need to slap a Girl Scout Leader or two. Those little green suited badge wearing cookie gangster midgets better watch their backs. Aunt Laura will will knock their knee highs off and next thing they know, they will be in the Red Hat Club.

PS - Puking really SUCKED! Grandma was getting her revenge on one of us. NEVER make Grandma angry....LOL