Saturday, May 2, 2009

Amy Has Left the Ridge!!

I know it's been some time since I have posted to this here blog----but the three of you have other things to do anyway.  I'm not that exciting Kids.  However, it is exciting (at least to me) that I have left Eagle Ridge Institute, flown the coop, ditched the nest, took to the skys...whatever....I'm outta there.  I spent 33 months at ERI.  I left in God's time by and through His provision and I am incredibly blessed!!  I am now living the dream in a job that I've always wanted and just could not be happier.  And that is all I have to say about Eagle Ridge Institute.  Period.  Forever.  I'm DONE!!
I do still believe that being a foster parent is an incredibly wonderful and difficult job.  Many, many children need parents and families to help them heal.  If you are called to be a foster parent then you are a very special person.
In the adoption news arena...TAAAAAAAAA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! We have finally received our fingerprint appointments for our renewal.  Sure, I think it's rediculous that it took our USCIS office 30 stinking days to send the appointments but at least they sent them.  Ben and I were starting to wonder if they lost our file.  The mere thought makes me hyperventilate.  The other bummer thing about it is that our renewal is dated from the date our 171 expires (May 16) so if we don't get our new 171 for like three months, then those are three months that are spent just freakin' waiting.  Dumb, very dumb.  Maybe they will be fast.  Sure, Amy---fast.  I crack myself up.
Well, the final (number 5) chapter of Charles Dickens "Little Dorrit" is coming on Masterpiece Theatre and I need to go watch it.  Yes, we are that boring.  Next time I will talk about our recent Easter celebration, wild turkey (not the kind you drink, Laura), my feelings about Lent (probably going to offend someone with that post) and the number of fish we've had "run away to Lake Hefner".  In fact, one ran away this evening but he's going to come back before Abby gets up in the morning (Must send Ben to Wal-mart).
Love to you and yours,

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Laura said...

Very funny... I never drink Wild Turkey....however, I did give birth to 3 wild turkeys....LOL