Monday, April 22, 2013

Hoos and Hockies: A Moxie Update!

Oh, how I love my Moxie Socks. This morning, she is at the surgical center getting her fourth saline fill. The surgery to remove the nevus on her scalp and forehead should be in about 5 weeks. She is tolerating the fills well. I do believe her proprioception is a bit affected by her ever-growing noggin. It's like if you were to cut the whiskers off of a cat. No, I haven't actually done that. This is just an example. Don't call PETA. Cats use their whiskers to tell whether they can fit into any given space. If the whiskers don't touch, the rest of the cat is confident it will fit into the space. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut, no whiskers means the rest of the cat is duped into thinking it can fit anywhere. Moxie doesn't realize how big her head has become with the expanders. She thinks she can fit into places she cannot. The head tends to get bonked quite a bit. Yeah, a helmet might work, but trust me, they don't make helmets in Moxie's current size.

Moxie, even with her ginormous head, is still a doll baby!! She tells me all the time. "Motsie da baaaaaaaaaaaaaaabeeeeeeeeeee!! She loves being my "tiny baby". She is such a snuggle bug. Or, a "nuggle buh", if you speak Moxinese.

Moxie talks a lot. Maybe she will need speech in the future. Maybe not. It's too early to tell. I do know she does not qualify for our state's early intervention program. The program requires a child be "behind" 25% in each of 3 development areas or 75% in one area. There is no way Mox is 75% behind in speech. She does substitute the letter "H" for the letters "S" and "F". She wears "hoos and hockies" on her feet. She does not like her "hace" washed. She loves to play "outhide". I can understand her about 98% of the time. She has my drawl. Perhaps she is "Southern Chinese"!!

Moxie's favorite book is entitled "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb". Oh how she adores that book. I loved it when I was very small. Frankly, it kind of creeps me out, now. The image of "Millions of fingers, millions of thumbs, millions of monkeys, millions of drums" kind of weirds me out. She calls the book "Dum ditty dum." She says it in a very low voice and has to put her nose on the end of my nose to say it. She is very serious about my reading it. Over and over and over. Once we misplaced "Dum ditty dum". It was a bad scene.

Moxie knows that "Patick" as she calls her brother is coming home soon. She does not approve of the idea of "Mama go Nina". I use to worry that bringing Patrick home so soon after bringing Moxie home was unfair to Mox. I had the same worry when I gave birth to Abby in Dec. of '96 after having Bobby in March of '95. It's a good thing God operates on His time and not mine. I am certain that Moxie is seriously attached to me, her daddy and her siblings. We were in the store yesterday with her in the front seat of the cart and Maisy in the basket. The entire time we were in the store everyone within a 5-aisle area could hear, "Mama, I luh loo!!!" Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. "Matey, I luh loo!" "Maaaaaaaaaateeeeeeeeeey, I luh loo." "MaaaaaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaaaa, Moxie is pulling my hair!" Sometimes, love hurts.

I cleaned out the baby girls' closet last night. I put things they had both outgrown in a bag to give away. Maisy and Moxie are still such babies. So snuggly. And cute. And full of wonder. It's funny how children stay "babies" longer as I get older. Patrick, to me, is not much more than a baby. I will treat him much younger than his 7.5 years. We have a lot of time to make up for just snuggling and rocking and singing and loving on my newest little sweetheart. Isn't it wonderful that love multiples and does not divide? Even as I packed those small clothes into that bag, I wondered, God do you have another one for me? Because if you do, I'm ready. Here I am Lord, send me.

To God be the Glory. Great things He has done.

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