Monday, April 29, 2013


Man, just let me tell ya', God is good! Good times? He's good. Bad times? He's still good. We, as flawed human beings are the fickle ones. God is constant. Unchanging. Never fazed by what we perceive as a sudden roadblock or disaster. He's already been there.

So, we were having a nice Saturday. We were loading up into the van to go to the park and I side-tracked to the mailbox. Sometimes I do just wander a squirrel, only not that fast. Anyhoo, what should I pull out of the mailbox but an envelope with the USCIS address on it. Whaaaaaaaaaaat?? I'm thinking it's probably a a request for more information or some such, which would not make me happy, AT ALL. Ben kept saying, "Is it good news?" Then, I opened it.

OH, THANK YOU, JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR I800 HAS BEEN APPROVED!!! We mailed the application on April 11, 2013 and it was approved on April 24, 2013. I took it out of the mailbox on April 27, 2013. I just finished e-mailing the National Visa Center in an attempt to get the NVC letter!!! Happy, Happy Day!!

Of course, my happiness and praising the Lord really irked the devil. Have you ever noticed that nowhere in the Bible does the devil promise anybody anything. Now, he coerced and lied to Eve, but he didn't promise to love her, protect her, care for her and abide with her for eternity. He can't. He doesn't have the power. Or the right or the capacity for those things. And, he tried to tempt Jesus. That didn't work. Throughout God's word we read about the devil's plot against God's people. We know how the story ends. And still, he was able to plant a tiny seed of fear in my mind--RIGHT IN THE MIDST OF MY JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He started saying, "Awww, Root, you can't do it. You know, nobody believes you can go to China alone. Your plane will crash. You know how afraid you are of flying. Buy into it. Remember the nightmare you had. It'll come true if you do this crazy thing. You all alone. It's a bad idea. You'll get lost. Even if you make it to the hotel, something bad will happen. Think about it." He talked loud, my friends. It was ugly.

But, I know how to fight that business. CALL ON THE NAME OF JESUS!!!!!!!!!!! Because the devil is a liar. He may know my fears, all those ugly, dark, terrifying, things that could keep me from serving and trusting the Lord. But, at the mention of my Savior's name, Satan has to go. He must flee. He cannot stand The Light. He has given me nothing. He's promised me nothing. He wants me to fall, to fail, to give up. That's the only way he can win, if I let him. Nothing would make him happier if I gave up on my son. Didn't go to China. Chickened out.

WELL, LET ME TELL YA' SOMETHING satan, THAT IS NOT AN OPTION!!! No more joy-stealing. No more fear. I owe you, NOTHING. And you DO NOT control me. Sometimes, folks, I think you just have to call him out and throw him down.


Some people may think I'm silly. That this post is just a bunch of bravado and will result in me failing, anyway. But, I already am a failure. I'm capable of absolutely nothing without Jesus. My life is not worth living without Him. My "righteousness" is like a dirty rag---worthless. But, covered by his blood, I'm a conquerer!!! Covered by his blood, I'm a warrior! Covered by his blood, I'm FORGIVEN!! Covered by his blood, I'm royalty. Covered by his blood, I'm protected, sheltered, favored and BLESSED!

I expect I'll travel soon. Please do pray for me. There is no greater responsibility that the Body of Christ has than to support and intercede for the saints. Please pray that the funds will be available for my travel and the last few fees associated with the adoption. But, most of all, please pray for my sweet Patrick, that God would continue to guard and nurture his physical and emotional heart. I cannot wait to hold him in my arms.

In Jesus,

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Amen sister!! YOU can DO IT!!! We will be PRAYING state side for YOU the whole time! Jesus and ALL of your friends - we got your back covered!! (And you just need to make it to crazy province traveling....AND if I can do it YOU can do it!)

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Hey guys,

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