Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Waiting Thankfully...

God is so good, isn't He?!! Our indigogo campaign ended last night with a wonderful total of $2,800.00. What a blessing. Even after indiegogo and Paypal get their cuts, which are deserved, we still have enough to pay the USCIS fees!!! God's like that---providing what we need when we need it. I am so thankful! If you contributed to our campaign, bless you. I hope you reap 100 times what you have sown!

My prayers as of late have been for the children of Russia and their adoptive families. I prayed that the Christians of Russia would stand in the gap for their children, for God's children, and they have. I don't believe the world has seen, yet, what God can do in Russia and how very, very precious those orphan children are to Him.

I am such a blog hound. I get such a blessing from reading the blogs of my sisters in Christ. I love praying for others. I believe that one of my spiritual gifts is intercessory prayer. I take that responsibility very seriously. So, if I've read your blog, it's pretty likely I've prayed for your child or children! I won't put your children's names on my blog. I think that would be invasive. But, I do think initials are okay! So in that vein, let me say, "Thank You, Jesus, for HS, KS, IJS, SH, DK, MB, EB, JP, EP, CP, CP, and an entire alphabet's worth of miracles!!!!

I'm going to sew on Patrick's blankets this evening. I've washed the flannel I bought with Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man on it as well as the Transformer fabric and now I'm going to put the satin binding on it. I bought a yard and a half of each one, so that my sweet little boy can wrap up. My mommy heart tells me he will need a security blanket in the near future. Right now, I've got him wrapped in prayer!!!

I look forward to showing everyone the beautiful necklace my friend Katie has created in Patrick's honor. They will sell for $20 with much of the profits going to Patrick's ransom!!! God bless you, Katie. I love you, Sweet Friend.

Isn't it nice how adoption doesn't just create nuclear families but also big ol' flawed, loving, praying families of believers that will drop on their knees for somebody else's child because they know what that much love feels like? I'm so blessed to have been adopted by the King of Kings.

The USCIS application is in the lockbox!!! We are waiting on that fingerprint appointment. Then we are going to ignore the appointment and walk-in ASAP. Our local office is great about allowing that for adoptive parents! Every day is another day closer.

Hold on Patrick, Mama loves you!!!
To God be the Glory--Great Things He has done!

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Mary Sammons said...

Oh Amy, how I love the way God brought us together and kept us in eachothers thoughts and prayers. Thank you for always believing and never wavering even as you have watched our very painful road to healing Ivy's heart. I so wish we lived closer but I am still so thankful that we will always be sisters, joined by the body of Christ. Praying for Patrick and his beloved new family!
Love and Joy