Thursday, August 20, 2009


I was going to try and fake people out that this post was no big deal....COULD NOT DO IT!!!  We got our referral and have already sent in our LOI (letter of intent) and are waiting for our Pre-Approval!!!  I can't post a pic or any identifying information until we get the pre-approval but---know this---she is one cute muffin.  She is 9 months old and just perfect.  Last night Ben and I sent all of our paperwork in for the official acceptance of our precious girl's referral and then this morning I got an e-mail from our referral counselor saying that we were "just in time" because someone had posted our baby's pic on this morning.  Seriously, I am sick to think of the outcome if we hadn't been compelled to get it all done last night.  That was definately God's timing.  I cannot wait to share more info.  Please pray for our darlin'.  We can't wait to bring her home.
The rest of the family is totally stoked too.  I am so tired I can barely see straight.  I've worked the last 2 Saturdays so I'm happy to have a 2-day weekend this week!  Bobby and Abby started back to school today.  I cannot believe Bobby is in 8th grade.  He came home talking about girls.  I prefer to remember the time when he panicked because he realized he'd worn 2 pair of scooby doo underpants to school.  He get's it from me----just last week I....oh, nevermind.
Here's my final thought.  God is good.  He keeps me from hurting myself all the time.  Even though I think the light at Penn and 36th is confusing and completely arbitrary, I've yet to cause a wreck----even though I nearly have on 2, count 'em, 2 times.  Who thinks green means go (not yield)?  Yeah, me too! 
Joy Unspeakable and full of HIS Glory to you and those you love,

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Aunt Laura said...

YEAH!!! It won't be long now....she will be running the Root household before you know it!