Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moving right along...

Well, our home study has been approved by our agency office in China. This means that as soon as we receive our notarized copies of the home study from our worker we will send it, our I600A and the appropriate documents (ie:birth certificates and marriage license) along with the fee to CIS (citizenship and immigration services) and wait for the I171H to arrive from CIS. When we have the I171H we will send it, our lifestyle photos, the home study and the appropriate fee to the agency. Hopefully our passports will be in at this time because they are necessary in order for us to receive our DTC date. All of these docs must also be certified and authenticated–THEN WE GET THE DTC DATE–YEA!!! Our mailer one docs have been authenticated by the Chinese Consulate and are on their way back to Diedra, our dossier specialist, at the agency.

Please join us in praying that the wait time from DTC to referral will not be 18 to 19 months, but if it is a reflection of God’s time that he will help us bear it and be patient–not my strong point as most folks can attest.

We are finding the most difficult part of the whole process (other than the waiting of course) to be the lifestyle photos. Maybe we are just boring but other than standing lamely in front of the camera, well, I’m at a loss.

Cross your fingers for our passports to arrive soon!!!

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