Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another step forward...

Well, today Earlene came by and dropped off our official notarized home study; exactly what we needed to send off the I600A to CIS. We checked the CIS website and it doesn’t look like they are moving very quickly since they are currently processing orphan petitions that were received on March 15th of this year. That doesn’t seem like a long time unless you are really bad at waiting like yours truly. Anyway, we will mail ours tomorrow and pray for the CIS to hurry up. We are still waiting on the passports. Tomorrow will mark the 12 week time period in which we were told we would receive our docs in the mail. What a hoot if they came tomorrow–nothing like waiting until the last possible moment. But as long as we get the I171H back from CIS we can at least send the remainder of our docs for certification and authentication–just cannot get the DTC date without the passports. We can work on our lifestyle photos while we are waiting. The GWCA website has captions in Chinese that we can put with our pictures. They say “this is your mama” and “this is your daddy” in Chinese. Funny, our little Maisy won’t be able to read in Chinese or English!–Cause she’s just a baby! It seems like such a long wait but we are closer than we were three months ago, so that’s progress. Just wanted everyone to know that the good ol’ I600A will be going out tomorrow!! Take care and pray for our little precious and her birth mother. We cannot lose sight of the fact that out of someone else’s heartbreak comes our joy.


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