Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Our dossier is cooling its proverbial heels with the courier. Little did I know, when we paid $75.00 to get it to the courier "first thing in the morning", that the courier would leave for the consulate before 8:30 A.M. I also didn't know that there would be an issue regarding our secretary of state having changed on February 1st. Apparently, the consulate may not have been notified that the secretary of state for the state of Oklahoma has changed. This little blip could cause our authentication process to be slowed. We'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out because the consulate has been closed since Monday for Spring Festival. Yeah, didn't know that either. Alas, we won't make the projected DTC date of 2/15, but hopefully, we will make 2/22!!! After that, I think things will go pretty quickly.

It was nice that when my fingerprints failed the first time (after I discovered that I'd lost my driver's license and had to come back the next day) I didn't have to be reprinted. I just went on down to the sheriff's office and got a handy-dandy letter and sent that to the orphan officer. Amy has a clean background---CHECK!!

The girls are getting ready for Valentine's Day. Maisy and Moxie are having parties at daycare. We are sending candy because that's what they picked and I'm too cheap to buy anything more expensive. The daycare does not accept "homemade items". Gone are the days when a kid could volunteer her mom to bring 24 cupcakes for the next day's party and then watch her mom make them during breakfast all the while muttering angry words about Valentines, first-grade teachers and the creator of cupcakes. Usually, though, Betty Crocker came across as a saint. :-) We will send "princess valentines" to all the little girls' friends. Abby has a party this evening. I've only been reminded about 5,000 times--give or take a few thousand. I bought boxes of candy for The Littles, and their favorite snacks for The Bigs. I so wish I could just hug and hold and kiss and lavish attention on my newest valentine, My Sweet Patrick. There is absolutely no truth to the saying, "You cannot miss what you never had", because I guarantee you, I miss him so bad my heart hurts.

Speaking of hearts.....please continue to pray for the health of Patrick's heart, both physically and emotionally. I pray that he will be prepared to accept all of the love his mama and daddy have to give him! I think all of the kids are ready for him to come home. the little girls cannot understand why I don't just show up with him one day, even though Maisy understands that China is a long way off and the adoption process is an arduous one. Maisy keeps telling Moxie that "Mama is going to China to get Patrick." It dang near broke my heart when Moxie came running up to me just as fast as those chunky legs could go, grabbed my knees and in her tiny voice with her big dark eyes wide-open said, "Mama go Nina?" She's okay with going to daycare, and likes it a lot, but, I'm afraid when I do go to "Nina" it is going to be very hard on my little Moxie Soxie.

Moxie's surgery to have the expanders put under her scalp in preparation for the removal of her nevus this summer is scheduled for March 19. Please pray for her. Even though I know that Maisy was younger than Moxie is now, when Maisy's surgery occurred, Moxie seems so much younger to me. Maybe it's because I'm no longer ignorant of the removal process or maybe it's because time has (somewhat) dimmed the painful memories of Maisy coming out of the expander surgery. I'm just dreading this surgery for Moxie. Her English language skills are improving every day. She's securely attached. I have total faith in Dr. Wayne and his amazing skill as a surgeon. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that GOD HAS MY BABY IN THE PALM OF HIS HAND. I'm just a worried mommy. Please pray for me, too!

I'm excited for my friend Katie to go to China and bring home Patrick's best buddy, Simon! Please pray for Katie and Simon. My Patrick will then be the last Musketeer in China. His bed buddy, Darren, came home in October and has just had heart surgery. Please pray for Darren and his wonderful mama, Sandy. If it weren't for an e-mail from Sandy, we wouldn't be on this amazing journey to bring Patrick home.

There is no other news fit to print (or blog). My friend Connie is leaving very soon to bring her daughter, Khloie, home from China. Please pray for them. Lots of children in China and the world over are without parents and a family to love them. Maybe you have some extra love to share??? I promise, love multiplies. It doesn't divide. There's always enough for one more!!!! Happy Valentine's Day, Bobby, Abby, Maisy, Moxie and Patrick. Mama loves you all!

Ben, if you read this blog (which I doubt), I love you too, Honey!

In Jesus, Whose Love Never Fails,

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likeschocolate said...

I hope it all works out! It can be so frustrating. I made a small mistake of not understanding that my birth certificate had to go back to my home state and now I am waiting three weeks. Still haven't seen it while everything else is completed. Sending prayers your way.