Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My HOPE is in The Lord!

Oh.my.goodness. Waiting is not my strong suit. We are still not DTC (dossier to China). We mailed the documents to the courier on February 7, 2012. Today is February 26, 2013. (for those of you using the Mayan calendar, I'm just catching you up. You might want to get a regular-folks calendar so you don't miss your trash pick-up day or your birthday or ya' know, like a day that ends in "Y") Anyhoo, sarcasm aside, I was kinda startin' to wonder if our documents were ever going to leave the consulate. I was seriously considering asking to have them back and then sending the to DC for authentication. But, that would be more money. And more time. And whose to say the consulate in Houston would give the documents back? And whose to say the consulate in DC would not be having the same little problemo with or dossier that the folks in Houston are having. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! It's hard out there for a mommy.

Then, in my fairly dusty, cobwebby, not-so-bright brain, a tiny little light flickered. I think the Girl Scouts sing a song about "It only takes a tiny spark...blah, blah, blah..." (I really wouldn't know, 'cause I got kicked out of Brownies for being "rambunctious". I know. I can't believe it either.) Anyway, when the light went on, there was a little bit of smoke, and then I remembered---"Oh yeah, Mongo not in control." When will I learn? So, I prayed my childlike, "Lord, I know I've been putting my reliance in the completely wrong place. Please fix it. I'm just thankful that you don't leave me and you allow me to come back to You with all my faults and flaws. Thank you for bringing my son home." Then, the Holy Spirit had me call the secretary of state.

I was kinda concerned that the whomever I spoke to would tell me to take a hike. But, if God is for me, who can stand against me? Right, nobody. So, I called and I was nice and explained the whole thing that was going on. I might have cried. What it boiled down to was, the Chinese Consulate sent a fax at the end of last week ASKING for the signature pages for the new secretary, because it DID NOT have them. Then, our secretary's office went something like, "Ohhhhhh, that????!!!!!! Why didn't you say so?" The Chinese Consulate---"Uh, duh. We did." (only much nicer and in Chinese) The lovely woman who spoke with me assured me that the correct documents were mailed after the request was received and should arrive at the consulate either yesterday or today. Want me to tell you the miracle part of all this business? The consulate didn't have to ask for the papers. I don't believe that is the normal course of business for them. And---our secretary of state changes, AGAIN, this Friday. Ummmm...that would be a humongous deal if we were not already athenticated. ANNNNND according to our agency, we are likely the first file in the Oklahoma dossier pile. I learned my lesson. Thank you, Lord.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we bought Patrick a Big Wheels!!!! It's so cute! It was half off at Bed, Bath and B@yond!!! The great part is that it's the "traditional" Big Wheel and is identical to the one Ben rode as a little boy. I love the irony that it is the "Patriot" model---all red, white and blue with an eagle on the wheels. I cannot wait to see my sweet boy tearing down the sidewalk on his Big Wheel being chased by his two little sisters pushing their grocery carts. Maisy and Moxie LOVE the little metal grocery carts that they each got for their birthdays. Those things will last forever, but they have seen some serious miles already.

I have paint swatches taped to the boys' bedroom walls. I'm going to redecorate in their before Patrick comes home. Bobby is cool with it, although he probably wouldn't be as cool with it if I told him we are not buying bunk beds with a futon on the bottom. The bunk beds were his idea. I don't understand the fascination with the futon. We are going to tear the carpet out of that room and put down laminate like we have in the rest of the house. I think the change will be good for Bobby's asthma and easier to keep clean so that Patrick doesn't get any upper respiratory problems that would make his heart condition all that much more complicated.

We turned all of our tax documents into JJ-The-Tax-Man. I love JJ. He and I use to work together. He did look at me funny when I started explaining that the ginormous pile of receipts and documents on his table were there because we finished an adoption and began another adoption both in 2012. He asked me if we were "done". But, that's for another post.

Hopefully, we will get some tax money that will help with the rest of our adoption costs. I'm not good at fundraising. I know I need to be, but, I'm not. I don't really have a good understanding of how to do it. I'm not charismatic in the least and I dunno.....I'm just kind of at a loss. But, what I do know is that God is our provider and He has never, ever, let me down. I trust Him, completely, to provide us a way to bring Patrick home. Because, remember, He has already made a way for this adoption to happen where there was no way at all!!!

I must figure out how to post pictures here. Most people have probably stopped reading already. But, for those of you who have stuck with me---THANKS!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Please take some time today to pray for the orphans of Russia and for their American families. I am burdened for these babies and their parents. Certainly, the government of Russia may be able to keep those children confined as long as God chooses to let them, but, when God decides enough is enough.....Well, read the book of Exodus. In my heart, I believe it will be a whole lot like that.

Joy Unspeakable and Full of HIS Glory,

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