Monday, April 23, 2012

She was always "Moxie"

Sometimes I fret about not being able to see waaaaaaaaay far down the path God has set before me.  I battle, just about every minute of every day, my Martha instinct to be constantly busy,doing stuff, fixin' stuff, bossin' stuff....  I want to be like Mary, learning at the Lord's feet.  Just loving him.  Way too often, I do something else. 
Then I recall my favorite scene from the Book, "Prince Caspian" by CS Lewis.  In the scene, little Lucy has told her siblings that she will follow Aslan, even if none of them will go with her.  And so, Lucy goes, after her Master.  While she has her eyes on Aslan's majestic stride, she fails to notice that the ground beneath her feet has vanished and she is walking on nothing but Faith.  I strive toward that kind of faith.
So, when a friend from our travel group back in 2009 sent me an e-mail to scroll down and see "Christina", I worried and fretted and talked it to death whether this chubby cheeked darlin' with a nevus on her forehead and scalp and several others on her body was our "Moxie".  I nagged the Lord.  I put my faith in the deceptive director of an agency that promised us "Christina's" file and never produced it.  I worried.  But, I could never call that baby girl "Christina".  Had I listened, had I trusted God, had I given up control, I'm certain that the process would have been easier.  Because, I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has always been Moxie, and that The Lord, who redeems and restores, has known this story all along.  Oh, to keep my eyes on Him and walk in faith.

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