Friday, January 23, 2009

Rumors, Fumes and Butt Washing Technique....

Well, the rumors proved true.  The CCAA referred only two days this time around.  Folks with LIDs of 3/1/06 and 3/2/06 received pictures of their babies.  They will most likely travel to China in 4 to 6 weeks.  Hurrah!!! for all of those families even though this was a sickeningly small referral group.  On the other hand (isn't there always another hand?) the CCAA has referred three times in 6.5 weeks.  Thats 3 groups (not three days) worth of referrals.  I think it works out to be somewhere around 12 days-----That's pretty good considering referrals began on 12/3/08.  The most common feeling amongst posters on RQ is that the CCAA wanted to get one more group in before CNY (all of next week) and then the speed-up will come in February!!!!  All I have to say to that is AMEN and set that stork to flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had a wonderful visit from my friend, Meredith and her little boys this week---those are the sweetest little boys, and little TT can really put the graham crackers away!!!! Bobby and Abby had a great time playing with the little ones.  I think they are going to make the best big brother and sister. 
Bobby has already asked to "borrow" the baby because "babies are chick magnets!"  What????  The child wears so much cologne the only girl that's going to be willing to come within 40 feet of him will have to be "smell blind" otherwise she may pass out.  Every morning I'm thankful for the parakeet in Bobby's room----It's like the proverbial canary in the mine shaft.  I know if I don't hear the parakeet sing I'd better haul a** because I'm about to be overcome by Axe fumes!!!
Abby just wants me to know that she will be in charge of changing the baby's clothes and pushing the stroller.  I'm sure with Abby as a model Maisy's first word will be either "go" or "Wal-Mart".  Abby also informed me that I should wash the baby's "head then butt"---Excellent Advice.
Please continue to pray for the speed-up as well as all of the children waiting for forever families---here and around the world.
May you be granted that Peace that Passes Understanding,


Aunt Laura said...

Good advice Abby!! Hopefully things will pick up in February.

AK said...

That's so funny! Yet, Abby's got it down!

Anonymous said...

Amy and Ben: You know our prayers are with you on this journey! Judy