Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas at the Root house

It has been a wonderful Christmas at our house! Bobby received the new bike that he “just knew” he wasn’t going to get and Abby has kept her new kareoke machine HOT! Her daddy is also quite the kareoke singer–we have pics to prove it. We had a lovely time at home on Christmas day and then celebrated again with my sister, her family and our parents at Laura’s and John’s the next day. Laura and John announced that they will be adopting a little girl within the next couple of years–YEA, that’s what I like to hear!!

I was fortunate to meet Meredith and Mike’s little Tate this afternoon. I got to hold him and kiss him and only cried a little bit (he didn’t notice, he was asleep). What a cute little muffin he is. Congratulations Edmison Family!!

We are eagerly awaiting our BROWN ENVELOPE from the US Consulate in China. It will contain all of the necessary paperwork for when we actually go to receive Maisy. We are not suppose to lose it. I may sleep with it, but lose it? No chance.

Please continue to pray for Maisy, her birth mom, and all of the little children waiting for forever families–maybe you are one!

Love and a Happy New Year to All!

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