Friday, November 30, 2007

Drum Roll Please!!

TAH DAH!! The I171H arrived on our 12th wedding anniversary. My sweet husband bought me a spa day for our anniversary and then picked me up in my car (which he had washed) and handed me a big anniversary card. My first thought was “hmmm…this card is thick, I wonder if there’s money in it (a strange anniversary gift but who am I to turn down cash–even from my beloved) and then I opened it! All I had to see was that return address. There was much screaming and crying and I even kissed the envelope (and you thought that only happened in chick flicks). Of course, I asked Ben how long he’d had that precious piece of paper and he assured me that it had come that very afternoon! Wow! The Lord has great timing and Ben’s isn’t too shabby either!

So now, friends and family, everything that needed to be sent to the agency has been sent. We are awaiting our DTC and the giant step from “paper chase” to “referral phase”! And we all know what comes after the referral phase–YES–The TRAVEL PHASE!!! I’m carefully studying the travel advice from all people who have traveled to China. We will be taking plenty of medicine, hand sanitizer and chap stick. But most important of all we are officially waiting on that picture of our little sweetheart!

Tomorrow our Princess will turn 11 years old. I cannot believe it. She is so big and cannot wait to open her presents which are currently on top of the bookshelf. We have princess party stuff and a strawberry creme filled cake. Nope, I didn’t make it. I no longer feel the urge to prove my culinary prowess. Prowess don’t load the dishwasher, Kids.

The tree is up. I’m not finished with the shopping and I don’t think the animated reindeer are going to make it out into the yard. But, hey–it’s easier to see them from the sofa when they are doing their little deer thing in the living room. Both of the kids will be singing in school programs and having parties I’m sure. For the first time ever we had our family picture made. I’ll post one if I can figure out how to do that. We have yet to go look at lights, make cookies and candy or hear I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas on the radio. But–it isn’t even December yet!

I did buy Maisy a Christmas gift and the nursery is coming along nicely. Please continue to pray for our baby girl and for all the baby girls and boys waiting for forever families. A very Merry Christmas to my friend Meredith as she and her husband Mike and son Jack welcome baby Adrien home!

God bless you and keep you. May you be richly blessed. Amy

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