Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The lotion paid off!

Well, the FBI has not contacted me to inform me that my fingerprints were not “readable” so that means I just slid right on through!! Ben got an e-mail from USCIS today saying they do not need any additional information or documents from us so we should just wait for our I171H. From the time that USCIS has all documentation until we receive our I171H is approximately 60 days. Our 60 days has already begun so I’m expecting that 171 this month and then it’s all about the DTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have made additions to the nursery. Ben is “nesting” almost as much as I am!! The crib is now sporting a mattress that has gorgeous linens on it and an Asian Cabbage Patch Newborn lying in it (hardly an adequate substitute for our baby). We also have a stuffed Panda and a set of frogs–one big and two little to play with in the bathtub (I just thought they were cute)!

I want to take this opportunity to encourage you all to consider adoption as an opportunity to expand your family as well as your capacity to love. There are so very many children world wide who need loving parents. Some of these children are disabled, some are teens or have siblings but they are all children. Imagine if you had grown up without ever “belonging” to anyone. Our adoption agency is Great Wall China Adoption. Their website is If you live in Oklahoma and would be interested in adopting from the state the website is there are plenty of adoption links on the site. Please prayerfully consider opening your home to a child. You will be blessed beyond measure!

Continue to pray for our family and our precious little Maisy.

Love, Amy

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