Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's a nevus, Charlie Brown...

All three of you,(okay, four counting my new pal, Robyn) already knew that we were on the WC List and that Maisy would have some sort of special little thing goin' on....but, for those of you who are new to this here blog, it's called a nevus.  It's like a mole, only bigger.  Sometimes, if a nevus is not removed it can become cancerous.  We already have a doctor here in OKC prepared to remove MeiMei's nevus.  His name is Dr. Hildebrand and I think he is an absolute gift from God.  And, everyone knows how I feel about doctor's in general with a few notable exceptions:  Holla! doctors Barki, Davey, Rayan (sp) and Haag!!!  Anyway, Dr. Hildebrand actually goes to China every year to help babies and children there.  He's so awesome!!
We just feel so fortunate to call Maisy our own.  Despite the nevus, if you can't see all that cuteness going on then, well, you must be blind.  I figure some folks will have something to say (please try to remember what your mama told you about "sayin' somethin' nice or sayin' nothin' at all) and then, I'll do my best to not tell them how insensitive and dumb they are.  I'm just as proud as punch of my kids---all of them---they are the best kids for me and I pray that God makes me worthy to be their mama.  I asked Abby the other day how she was going to help take care of her sister and she said, "Wif yuv!"  You betcha, with love.  You just can't beat that. 
We should be going to China on or around the first of November.  Maisy's Letter Seeking Confirmation will be here tomorrow and then we'll sign it and send it right back.  My baby will be home for Christmas (and probably Thanksgiving).  What a miraculous gift.  We are so blessed!
Peace to You and Yours,

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