Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fingerprints and more fingerprints…

This is the second time I’ve typed this post. It is very difficult to be as technologically inept as myself–don’t try it at home.

Ben and I went to CIS and were fingerprinted on the 18th of Aug. Last week we found out that my prints were rejected by the FBI because they were “unreadable”. When I had the prints done on the computer the technician told me that because I handle so much paper and have scars from checking my blood sugar, my prints are almost gone. How can I have no fingerprints? I have been ink printed before and they always worked. I will return to CIS on the 29th of August for a second printing. Any tips on fingerprint restoration or preservation will be appreciated. If these next prints are not good we will have to get a letter from our congressman requesting a fingerprint waiver and that the FBI search my name and social security number instead of my prints. Please pray that these prints are very clear. I still believe that we will have our DTC by the end of Sept. The passports have not arrived yet but I am sure they will be here when we need them!

Ben, who has perfect fingerprints, is enjoying working at Babies R Us and helping all the new moms and dads pick out car seats and strollers. We have chosen Maisy’s and can’t wait to get them and put her in for a ride!

Ben goes back to school this week and the kids go back next week. It seems that this year is going so fast. Hopefully, by next Christmas we will have Maisy at home.

Please continue to pray for our family and for all the families (perhaps yours is one) considering adoption!


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